Denice is a Freelance writer, Information Technologist and Research Project Manager. She has had a number of articles and short stories published, (A full list is below). 

She has two novels completed that she is sending out to publishers. 

I write about Technical tools, online teaching and finding information online for Technically Minded. 

My Amazon Author Page

Complete list of Published works:


The Photographer has been accepted for the Dragon Soul Press anthology - Malice

Stormy Weather - Twenty-two Twenty-Eight July 2024

Random Acts of Kindness in Commuterlit April 17 2024

The Element of Surprise  Books 'n Pieces

Taboos - Short-Story_me website 


Looking after the neighbour's cat - awaiting publication in The People's Friend

Librarianship in a digital age in Information Professional October / November 2023

Building Castles in the Sky The Rabbit Hole IV

Accepted - awaiting publication: Serengeti Storm Backyard Earth (publication on hold)


"The Red Shoes" - Colp Anthology: Feet Published June 2022. Available from Amazon

"Pride Among Predators" - Books 'n Pieces Magazine April 2022. Published 17 March 2022.

"It began in Zanzibar" - Short Story-Me Feb 2022


"Roses are for remembrance" - My Weekly 3 September 2021

"Memorial Wall" was published online in Commuter Lit 10 March 2021

"Conversation in a Utopian Future" was narrated and broadcast on Antipodean Sci Fi 21 Feb 2021


"Real or imagined" published in  Commuterlit 16 January 2020

"Conversation in a Utopian Future"  Antipodean SF Issue 261, online in June 2020 

"The Journey" - PIF magazine -Issue 272 January 2020


"Lonely Birds " - My Weekly, 07 September 2019

"Project Management systems:" blog for the Connected Histories of the BBC project.

"How Monsters are Made" - a retelling of the Medusa Myth in Cauldron Anthology - Issue 8: Untold Fortitude (page 10)


"A long way home" in Cathartic Screams 


"War Memoirs" Ultimate Writer Quarterly Vol 7 No 73. July / Aug / Sept 17

"The Perfect Garden" - Short Stories 101 

"Masai Miracle" - Sub Saharan Africa Magazine

"Wishing on rabbits" - My Weekly 11 April 2017


"Puppy love" in Ireland's Own 22 July 2016

Chasing Butterflies - appears in the Chicken Soup for the soul publication 'My very good My very bad cat.'


The List (Short story) Cut website.

Advent Calendars (Ireland's Own) (December 2015)

The social network (short story) Ireland's own July 2015

Shopping for men (short story) Everyday Fiction


Beach Mystery (Short story) Conceit Magazine Oct 2014

Sibling Rivalry (Short story) Scars Tv website.

Beyond a reasonable doubt (Short story) published in anthology 'I pull the strings.' Jan / Feb 2014. ISBN: 9781492378020


The Candle that burns (short Story) Forces Stories Website. 


Cats & Rabbits (Furry Friends) Cat World Feb 2012


The Shop Cat Cat World July 2011

Fencing brings peace Cat World June 2011

Operation Cat Flap Cat World April 2011

Language of a cat Cat World May 2011

Cake images Cake Craft and Decoration March 2011

The name game Cat World March 2011

Let Sleeping cats lie Cat World Jan 2011


A Cat's Christmas Cat World December 2010

Winning Story Prima October 2010

Never a dull moment at college CILIP Gazette 1-14 July 2010

Meet Miss Marple Cat World Oct 2010

Obsession or Passion? Cat World June 2010

Cat Calls Cat World March 2010


The Games People Play Cat World December 2009

Meet Barney Rubble Cat World November 2009

Famous Feline Cat World Sept 2009

Love with Feeling Cat World August 2009

Pentlow Pets Cat World July 2009

Short story: The Red Shoes First Edition June 2009

Going Potty Cat World May 2009

Literary Cat Quiz Cat World April 2009

Cats That Play Cat World March 2009

Visit To The Vet Cat World February 2009

What's For Dinner? Cat World January 2009


What To Do When Your Cat Goes Missing Cat World November 2008

Whose Been Sleeping In My Bed Cat World October 2008

Curio Cats Cat World September 2008

Test Your Knowledge Quiz Cat World August 2008

Same but different Cat World July 2008

Catz Rule Quiz Cat World June 2008

Cat Quiz Cat World April 2008

Cat Conundrums accepted by Your Cat May 2008

Trading Places Cat World April 2008

Don't Be Stressed by Exams Young Voices March 2008

Who's In Charge? Cat World Jan 2008


Too Clever By Half Cat World August 2007

Louis Waine: Artiste Unconventionale Best Of Britain March 2007


The Cat Made Me Buy A House (AKA Furry Estate Agent) Your Cat July

And Kitty Came Too (AKA: A- Z Of Cat Travel) Cat World June 2006 reprinted July 2010

Pre 2000

Cult Of Doom Christian Living Today Oct / Nov 2000

Penryn Celebrates The Day of The Book Laevelder 11 May 1999

Learning About The Environment Laevelder 20 May 1997

Outcomes Based Education Discussed At Penryn College Laevelder 13 June 1997

The New Apostolic Church Christian Living Today Jan / Feb 1995

Building On Sand Christian Living Today Sept / Oct 1994

Behind The New Age Christian Living Today July / Aug 1994

The Sinking Moon Christian Living Today May / June 1994

The non Eddyfying Truth: Christian Science Christian Living Today Mar / April 1994

The Science Fiction Of Scientology Christian Living Today Jan / Feb 1994

True Or False Witnesses Christian Living Today Nov / Dec 1993

The Latter Day Saints Christian Living Today Sept / Oct 1993

A Christian Response To Cults Christian Living Today July / Aug 1993

About me

I have been writing for as long as I can remember! I've tried a range of genres, and styles of writing, and simply enjoy playing with words on a page. I've written feature articles, short stories, children's stories, had plenty of practice with academic writing. 

I lived in Africa- Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) and South Africa, and have traveled extensively in Africa. My husband and I now live in the UK. 

I've never been able to afford to write full time, so I have had a variety of day jobs, which include library management, giving me the chance to read and explore writing styles; I've done a lot of Admin and IT work, which has helped me develop tools for managing my writing submissions! I've also worked as a bookkeeper and teacher. I hold degrees in English; Psychology; Library and Information Science and Theology, and an Msc in Information Science. I currently work on several University Research Projects in the Digital Humanities, doing project admin, and helping with the development of online databases. 

I am cat mad, and currently have 5 furry children that keep me and my husband very busy. 

I'm an avid reader, I enjoy arts and crafts, and while I am more of a homebody, I have also been hiking and diving, and driven a 4x4 on the worst roads in the world!

Wide ranging life experience provides endless material for writing. It's worth trying as much as you can, and exploring as much as you can.

This blog is based on my journey, and provides practical support for other writers. As well as the successes, I've had plenty of rejection letters! So why do it? 'The teacher of a writing course I attended put it best 'I can't imagine not writing'

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